I wish sometimes I could get out of society the way I can just get off the computer. The same idiotic ideals and recycled tag lines and imagery are exhausting and I wish I could find some peace and quiet.

I thought naming rpg characters was hard, now I’m sitting here trying to name a clothing line.

Being human is a blessing and a curse because I have the ability to learn and understand beyond normal creatures capacity and create art and music and poetry, but then sometimes, a lot of times, I sit here and also understand that I am just a speck in a huge universe and wonder why I even exist.

I don’t know which makes me more sad, if sad is the right word, the people who make troll blogs or the people who actually respond to them.



I’ve been in a long distance relationship for 3 years and today I finally got to meet him in person. It was the best day of my life.

I am going to reblog this every fucking day.

I finally thought of a name for my line of tshirt and graphic designs and I tried to make a tumblr for it and the damn url is taken and has literally nothing on it and was made in 2009. Does anyone know if I can contact the staff about it or something? Or somehow contact the person that has it?

He got me roses.

It is my birthday today. Last night I had a little party and it was really fun. I received gifts that made me cry. Including roses and a stuffed puppy from Eddie.

So I just took my measurements to see what size of a dress I would need and it turns out that I am a perfect hourglass (40, 28, 40 inches), that made my day because I think that’s beautiful, even though they don’t have a size that would fit me lol

heart palpitations are not fun