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And then there’s good ol’ America

This actually makes me so angry. The truth is right here and people see it and brush it aside. We really could make things better. But no, America apparently wants to suck forever.

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Laetitia Casta, Cannes Film Festival (May 26, 2013)

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Rigor Mortis(2013)

dir. Juno Mak

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I’m glad that you’re my mother 

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Mental illness is like fighting a war where the enemy’s strategy is to convince you that the war isn’t actually happening.
Misgendering is violence. Misgendering perpetuates violence. It is a deliberate act to cause harm, pain, and suffering. Intentionally misgendering someone is what people do when they cannot enact violence upon a person psychically. They resort to words and phrases they know cause anguish and turmoil. That is the very core of intentional violence, to cause harm. Intentional misgendering is nothing less than violence.


cambridge university students were asked on campus why they needed feminism. here are 60 answers. click the link for over about 600 more. 

I’m crying, this is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all week

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Hydrofloors are only like the coolest thing ever invented. They are specially designed pools with movable floors. When you’re using your pool it’s just like a normal pool. But when you are done swimming or aquacising, you press a button and the pool’s floor slowly raises up while the water slips underneath the floor. Pimpin! Eventually the pool’s floor reaches the top and you are left with a large flat area you can use for recreation, dining, parties or any other dry land event you want.

Another press of the button and the floor sinks back down slowly to reveal your already water-filled pool. You can also stop the floor at any point which means you can make the pool as shallow or deep as you want. Having a kid’s party? Just set it for shallow kiddie pool depth. Be sure to throw a few extra chlorine tablets in the pool cleaning mechanism though, you know how kids are.

I could potentially drown my enemies at a sleep over…

There are two kinds of people.

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Last month, 12-year-old Laporshia Massey died of an asthma attack that started in a school without a nurse on campus.* Her teachers told her, “there’s no nurse, and just to be calm.”* Because of Philly budget cuts, her school’s nurse is only there two days a week, but Laporshia couldn’t wait for another day. She shouldn’t have had to wait another hour. Laporshia listened to her teachers and struggled through her classes. When she got home, her parents rushed her to the hospital. They even flagged down an ambulance in traffic to save precious minutes, but it was too late. What would have happened if a nurse had been able to call for help earlier in the day?

Tell Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett: Please release the $45 million in federal funds that you are currently withholding from Philly schools and could be used to rehire nurses and counselors.

Having nurses and counselors present all day – every day – is essential to making sure children can learn safely. Not another day should go by without full-time nurses and counselors in every school.

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The state of education for black children is so bad that they’re dying from having asthma attacks at school. And that doesn’t even address the issue about children of color having increasing rates of having conditions like asthma.

This is maddeningly sad.  Nurses are not frivolous, and a child’s health is not something that should ever wait.  Fucking…  goddamnit.  SHAME.  -C

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